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Clean Up Services and Animal Trapping

Rodent Dropping Clean up
Call for inspection.


Pigeon dropping clean up.

Animal Trapping

M-Tech Animal Trapping has been serving the greater Los Angeles Area for over 20 years and we have plenty of experience trapping nuisance animals such as Skunk Removal, Skunk Control, Raccoon Control, Raccoon Removal, Squirrel Removal, Bat Removal, Snake Removal, Opossum Removal, Opossum Control and other wild animals.


We also offer dead animal removalservice. With our competitive pricing and our team of experts, M-Tech Animal Trapping will provide fast, professional and effective animal removal.


We perform Animal Control in a humanely and efficiently manner. We only send licensed and well-trained professionals to be at your service. Once the animal is humanely trapped, we can permanently secure the animal's point of entry to your property so the animals can't reenter your home or business again. Learn more about Animal Trapping in LA


M-Tech Animal Trapping can help you with animal control and animal removal in Los Angeles. 

Our 24/7 emergency animal removal service means a team of experienced and licensed trappers is ready when you call. Our specialties include Animal Control, Animal Trapping and Animal Removal in LA.

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